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Из отчёта конгрессмена Даррела Иссы по поводу пропагандистских успехов Обамовской администрации на наши денежки:

The “deployment of Justice Department resources to generate clandestine comments on message boards and blogs,” which refers to activities conducted by Tracy Russo, New Media Specialist for the Department of Justice Office of Public Affairs. According to the report, Russo, the former Chief Blogger and Deputy Director of Online Communications for the John Edwards for President Campaign, and former blogger for the DNC, is alleged to have been “covertly attempting to shape public opinion by searching online for articles, blogs or other entries critical of the Administration and then anonymously, or through the use of a pseudonym, posting comments to those sites attacking the author or contents,“ a practice that the report charges is a highly improper use of the Department’s resources.

Т.е. работница Министерства Юстиции на работе анонимно троллит блоги, критикующие администрацию. Да не простая работница, с её страницы на linkedin:

Tracy Russo currently directs the new media strategy at the United States Department of Justice. She represents the Department of Justice as a member of the Federal Web Managers Council.

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